Social equity in cannabis is a philosophy. The context and nuances within its fold means that flexibility and specificity must always be taken into consideration...
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50% of the proceeds from each Clio pipe will be donated to a cyclical selection of organizations geared towards galvanizing women, girls, our trans brothers and sisters, and social equity programs in our communities.
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Same ol' Charlotte

Our classic Charlotte pipe is here to stay, she's just moved into a new chic home.
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The Linear Collection

The linear collection uses tube style glasswork to highlight designs inspired by movement, shape, and texture in 70's & 80's decor

(and yes... you can smoke out of them. )

A modern take on 1970s design inspiration, the line of Laundry Day products offers sleek, sophisticated and simultaneously playful smoking alternatives for a diverse range of consumers.

With this new line, we wanted to offer unassuming pieces which can proudly be displayed to compliment your decor.

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8 Vintage Chairs We Want to Smoke In

"Will get that to you by EOD" - googles chairs.
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A Self-Care Editorial with Muad'dib

Everyone's spirit animal in 2019
I want to look at this cat...

The Office (No, Not That One)

"There comes a time in a young freelancer’s life where they realize that perhaps an ounce – nay, a morsel - of stability would increase their quality of life."
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Accessories for your tool-kit

We've teamed up with some amazing brands to bring beautiful accessories. These pieces will upgrade your tool-kit while simultaneously  elevating your home.

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