Puff Candle


Puff Candle

Pleasing to the eyes and soothing to the soul, this is the decor version of a cozy puffer coat. The Puff candle likes to snuggle up on your bedside table, casting warmth over yesterday’s cups. Designed to shape-shift as you burn it or be left as a wax sculpture, Puff is a living, burning piece of art. 

For a longer burn experience, burn one tier at a time starting with the lowest for no longer than 2 hours. For your rituals, let each pillar symbolize a mantra and invite Puff into your time of chill. As it burns, watch it take on new silhouettes until it vanishes in a puff of wax. When burning, use a tray to prevent drippings on your surfaces. 

Puff comes in two varieties: original & our limited edition holiday scent, Punkin Chai. 

Puff weighs approximately 370g and measures approximately 4.5 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter.

Burn time: approximately 4 hours

Ingredients: Soy & Vegetable wax Blend

Made in Vancouver BC Canada

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