Clio Pipe

The Linear Collection
The linear collection uses tube style glasswork to highlight designs inspired by movement, shape, and texture in 70's & 80's decor. This piece doubles as wall art.

Clio Pipe

Clio, meaning to celebrate and make famous. She is the muse of history and herstory. Clio links us to our past, present and future. Channeling us back to the history of cannabis rooted in women collectives and our queer communities. We celebrate, uplift and ritualize through the ritual of cannabis.  

50% of the proceeds from each pipe will be donated to a cyclical selection of organizations geared towards galvanizing women, girls, our trans brothers and sisters, and social equity programs in cannabis and our communities.


Approx. 7.5” x 4.75”x .5”


How to use:

  1. Bowl - This is the divet on the top of the piece. You will place your ground up herb into the bowl before igniting.
  2. Mouthpiece - This is the hole to the left of the bowl. This is where you will press your lips as you gently inhale.
  3. Carb - The function of the carb is to better control your intake. Cover the hole to the right of the bowl with your thumb while you ignite your herb and inhale.  Once the pipe’s chamber (the inside) is filled up with smoke, release your thumb as you gently inhale.

    Take a moment to gauge your experience. Repeat steps if desired.

*Each of these pieces is hand blown and will show differences of character from piece to piece.