The Laundry Day Commitment to Change Update

by Arcade Studios

As you know, Laundry Day is committed to being active participants in our community, whether it’s creating dialogue around health and wellness, or pulling together our friends to raise awareness and educate. Last year we made a statement to let you know we’re committed to helping BIPOC communities, and we’ve been intentional to work with and donate to organizations that are helping our friends with everything from food equity, education, and legal support, to name a few. There are some incredible superhumans and organizations out there, 

Here’s a summary of what’s going on so far:

The Floret Coalition 2021 Summary

On a monthly basis, the Floret Coalition selects an organization that participating businesses will make donations to. Collectively, there are over 140 brands involved, donating a minimum of $10,950 every month! For 2021, these are the organizations we’ve donated to through the coalition.

In January, the focus was put on The Free Black Women’s Library, a social art project and traveling book collection founded by OlaRonke Akinmowo, celebrating the brilliance, diversity, and imagination of Black women writers. 

For February, we made donations to Nolef Turns, an organization that works to reduce recidivism by helping those with court and justice involvement successfully thrive post-conviction, fighting the unjust judicial system to help end mass incarceration while supporting individuals, families, and communities affected by incarceration. 

In March, the focus was on Soul Fire Farm, an Afro-Indigenous-centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system. 

For April, we were donated to the Equitable Giving Circle, a community of people committed to creating peer-led, community-funded, transformational change through Portland’s BIPOC communities.

For the month of May, join us as we partner with The Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN). The APEN is an environmental justice organization that focuses on fighting displacement, climate change and winning campaigns to make their communities healthier places where people can thrive. You can donate separately or get in touch with @broccoli_mag for more information on how to get involved. 

The following are organizations we support and believe in. In total, we’ve been able to donate the following to help these diverse communities and groups. 

Harlem Grown 
Sad Girls Club
G.L.I.T.S ($600 USD)
National Bail Out ($747.42 USD)
Humble Bloom ($502.40 USD)
Last Prisoner Project ($483.49 USD)
Equity First Alliance ($391.15 USD)

Do you have an organization you want us to know about? Share them with us! As we grow as a community, we are always looking for ways to be an advocate for groups who need support and funding.