Our commitment to change

Dear Friends, 

Here at Laundry Day, we have been keeping up with the fight against racial injustice and systemic racism and we have been doing our best to contribute towards this movement.  During this time we have been listening to the voices BIPOC communities, further understanding our privilege and the myriad ways we can make an impact as a small business and as individuals. 

At Laundry Day, we’ve long believed destigmatization through design has the power to create change. As a smoking accessories brand, we think it is important to acknowledge that we safely operate in an industry associated with the incarceration of so many BIPOC. That means we have an even bigger responsibility to give back. 


  • In 2010, 52% of drug arrests were cannabis-related
  • Despite comparable usage, Black individuals are 4x more likely to be arrested for possession (7.5-8.5x more likely in D.C., Illinois, Iowa & Minnesota) 
  • Source: ACLU

Steps we are taking to help make a difference

  • Last year’s Clio Pipe launch was our first equity initiative, and it continues to support those affected by incarceration with 50-100% of proceeds going to a cyclical rotation of organizations. With your help, Laundry Day has raised over $2700 USD since the launch of the Clio in July 2019. We will continue to donate 100% of the proceeds from Clio sales going forward.
  • Going forward, Laundry Day will be involved with a monthly donation collective being coordinated by Broccoli Magazine where small businesses will pledge a specific amount each month, and participating in monthly campaigns amplifying organizations to donate funds to a new group each month.
  • We are committed to using our platform to continue to highlight the stories of BIPOC cannabis injustices and organizations working towards equity in cannabis. 
  • As the founder of Laundry Day, I commit to continuing to learn and advocate anti-racism in my personal and professional life through self-education, open conversation, and creating an equitable work environment as Laundry Day continues to grow and expand. 
  • Helping business owners is something that has always been a passion of mine. Whether you are just starting out or currently in operation, I’d like to extend one-on-one business advice to any business owner or future startup founder through the end of 2020 - in the ancillary cannabis industry or otherwise. Feel free to reach out to me at hello@laundryday.co 



Past Donations

G.L.I.T.S ($600.00 USD)

National Bail Out ($747.42 USD) 

Humble Bloom Equity Fund ($502.40 USD)

Last Prisoner Project ($483.49 USD)

Equity First Alliance ($391.15 USD)


Below we have listed some resources that we are using to self educate and give back.



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Listening and learning doesn’t stop here. 

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Victoria Ashley 
Founder | Laundry Day