A Self-Care Editorial with Muad'dib The Cat

by Victoria Ashley

Art and creativity are core pillars for us here at Laundry Day and we try to infuse interesting visuals and unique concepts into our photoshoots. So, of course, partnering up with Puno from @punodostres and her cutie cat @muaddibthecat was a no brainer.  

Puno is a serial entrepreneur with a serious eye for styling. When I first came across her work I obviously began the usual IG crush + creep sequence "omg these photos", "who IS she", "wait... she's a creative BOSS too?!". 

Eventually, I stumbled across what could be considered her greatest gift to the world, Muad'dib's IG account. The unapologetic show of self-care, the indulgence, the snacks... THAT FACE. In a weird but beautiful way, I felt seen. You see, I have a Persian cat myself, though I don't think you could talk mine into modeling cucumber sunglasses and a leopard beret...

Check out our full editorial with this self-care kitty after the jump. (Oh, and if you want to win a phone case with this adorbs cat on the back, alongside a copy of Gossamer mag and a Charlotte pipe, you best head to this Instagram Post. Contest ends March 24/19. Good luck + chill vibes.)


Photography | @shleepyhans | Website

Styling | @punodostres @thatbinderdude