Love Letters to the Black Community

by Arcade Studios

Love Letters to the Black Community

From our Black History Month series, Noir Memoirs 

I am the color of the darkest night 
Where dreams visit me before the dawn of light. 
I am the golden speck in the eye of every brown girl
Who never thought they were special
Until the sun hit them just right.

- Peace Akintade, Sask. Youth Poet Laureate 

ICYMI, throughout the month of February, we had four guests give us intimate glimpses into their daily routines, inviting us into their homes for a series called Noir Memoirs: Love Stories from the Black Community. See the highlights here, as we meditated and mused about cannabis with Mennlay, stretched and explored Black businesses with Bronze, talked mermaids, food, and Black art with Folasade, and poetry, story-telling, and artistry with Leeza.

As we conclude the series, we are honored to share a collection of intimate love letters to the Black community, beautifully written by our guests. May their words bathe you with joy.


Black History Month goes beyond the 28-days of February but rather is a celebration. It’s a way of being and recognizing and lifting people of the modern African diaspora that for many takes place 365 days a year. Yet, to have a moment to collectively amplify the contributions of Black folks and African descendants is beyond beautiful.

In my participation with LD’s Noir Memoirs, I was able to tap into simply existing joyfully and gently, as a Black woman—in cannabis—in my body. And that means everything! It’s been helpful to remember that to be me in my full authentic self is a protest and an example of being worthy.

Black history doesn’t stop at the U.S. border. It’s global. It’s the history of the Americas from Canada to Chile. It’s the history of all humankind. For brands like ours, Laundry Day and Xula, it’s also an opportunity to witness and celebrate Blackness through our cannabis community. As small business owners in the cannabis space, we owe it to those who built this industry on its shoulders. Black people. This is one extension of that recognition and a platform to discuss the discourse of Blackness is all spaces.

I’m Looking forward to a future for Black bodies and bengs something that goes beyond the shortest month (February). Beyond social media, and into another higher realm of consciousness. I’m ready and looking forward to humans not being such basic bitches and evolving beyond race but the greater good for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

- Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey


Dear family,

There's always been something so special about us that's truly indescribable. However, most of our existence has been defending those special qualities when others saw them as mistakes.

Our gifts were prescribed with a dose of self doubt because society constantly told us they weren't enough, even when we're the top of our class. Our gorgeous skin comes with stereotypes casted on us that prevents us from showing true depth and uniqueness. Our infectious and jubilant spirit can perceived as loud, dumb, or ghetto in the eyes of someone who will never understand what's it's like to come from generations of joy and love for one another.

I'm here to tell you that I'm in love with you, with us, with being Black. It's a blessing, it comes with responsibility, and our radiant existence doesn't need approval or validation from the rest of the world for it to be true.

Our road is harder than most, but our dedication and love for each other has the power to inspire generations toward equality for all people, regardless of their race, sexual identity, or who they choose to love. We can't give up now as we wouldn't be here without the people who paved the way for our existence.

- Bronze Avery


Folasade shared this interview with one of her personal heroes, Muhammad Ali. This poignant interview reveals why he is called the GOAT. His humour combined with straight-forward honesty parallel the way he moved through the ring: with intentionality, precision, and lightness, showing a man as intuitive as he was disciplined. Almost in a dance with Cathal O'Shannon, between the rhythm of the conversation and the power of his words, may it leave you inspired and stirred. We dare you not to smile while hearing him utter, “People need to take pity on me. It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am.”

- Folasade Adeoso (@lovefola)


“oh what intimacy to sit with shoulders at the knees of a friend
tender headed flinches 
child like again as fingertips weave through nappy hair 
how Black a life as we practice what our ancestors made sacred
how Black a life making it our own religion;
soul claps, kiki’s and patties from the jamaican spot on the corner.
brown rainbows and dimples deep
tongues twisting in languages of lucille clifton
sonia sanchez
toni morrison
i am my sisters keeper
keeping reflections tight
oh what intimacy reveling in our good fortune”

— leezajoneé

Black history is a celebration as well as an unlearning, a nurturing, and a cultivation. As you move throughout this year, we hope this series continues to inspire you to invest in, support, and uplift work and narratives from the Black diaspora wherever you are. To see a list of businesses in the cannabis sphere you can support, visit our post here. For organizations we donate to that you can also support, see our post here

Finally, thank you to each of you who purchased through the individual discount codes offered from each of our guests. Collectively, we have been able to support the following organizations:

Equitable Giving Circle
Harlem Grown
Sad Girls Club