Laundry Day IWD Questions


WYD? We know what we’re doing today: basking in the beauty of strong ass women for International Women’s Day. As a woman-owned business, Laundry Day is committed to constantly lending our platform to voices in our community for various series, takeovers, and events. We’re pleased as punch to say we are woven into an inspiring network of women in the cannabis sphere, and if you’re one of these women reading this, we see you & love you! 

Bringing attention to the women in our community will always be number one. But today, we want to put the spotlight on our founder, Vic Ashley, the Libra Queen behind it all. She who would much rather not draw attention to herself, but luckily for you, has a team that feels differently. 

We asked Vic 10 hot questions as we celebrate IWD. Why did she even start Laundry Day? What’s the secret behind her glowing skin? What’s the love story behind her and her beloved orange kitty, Punkin? Learn all about the woman behind the magic. 

Hi Vic! Tell us a little bit about why you chose to start a business creating cannabis-related products.

When I decided to start Laundry Day, the conversation surrounding the normalization of cannabis (including cbd) use was still stigmatized, conversations were essentially non-existent, and most spaces were primarily male dominated. Retail offerings and spaces reflected this, creating a “boys club” feel for a very niche user market.

My relationship with cannabis started out when I began using it to manage symptoms related to misdiagnosed IUD complications. When I began to see the profound benefits it had on my physical and mental health, I wanted to embrace the plant and a lifestyle that included its use.

I often felt uncomfortable entering head shops. In fact, my experience purchasing my first piece felt mortifying. Walking in, immediately feeling unwelcome, I felt stupid for not knowing the right questions to ask which resulted in me buying something impulsively that I didn’t love. I came home and I wanted to hide it under my bed. Whenever the topic came up, I also didn’t feel ease discussing my use with others, especially as a woman. In general, the industry as a whole didn’t feel inclusive, and I started to think about what it might look like to offer a more comfortable, helpful, fun and enjoyable experience.

From start to finish, I wanted LD to be found in spaces that weren’t typical for this category, spots where you could buy yourself a candle and a blanket, take a pipe home and use all of your new pieces together. I wanted to create pieces that people actually enjoyed and would be proudly displayed in their homes. I didn’t want to have to hide my stash under my bed anymore, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

What is it like being a woman in the cannabis industry?

Laundry Day is in an interesting position because we align as a cannabis adjacent brand while intersecting with the “home decor” category. There are a multitude of amazing women working in the cannabis industry with whom I am connected, and I greatly admire the work they are doing on the frontlines. I understand that many others have carved space for us, and I recognize that things have changed because of the hard work of many women.

All that to say, there have definitely been a lot of eye-roll moments in different conversations and sectors, but overall I am grateful to be part of a great community of people who all have a similar vision for the future of cannabis.

Every good entrepreneur knows the power of a good fit. What outfits make you feel like a bad bitch?

I feel my most confident in loose denim and a tight top sans bra and some good accessories like items from Wolf Circus, OMW, as well as undies from Bully Boy Lingerie (PS those are all female/canadian owned brands!). Also, laminated brows… probably the most important accessory of all.

Do you ever suffer from “imposter syndrome”? What do you do to combat it?

This was more of a struggle in the beginning of my career. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other admirable entrepreneurs, and something that has shifted my perspective around feeling that way is this: we are all figuring it out as we go. There is no use comparing your path/career/brand/presence with someone else's because your experience is unique to you.

If I could give any advice to someone who might feel this way, I would suggest building a strong community of business owners (in all stages of business), mentors, peers in your space, and people who believe in you. Put the blinders up to “negative admiration” and focus on those around you who inspire you and uplift you. Reach out to others, Google everything, learn, grow, fail and move forward!

What’s the secret behind your flawless skin? You’re glowing bb, wow.

Omg thank you! I know nobody wants to hear this but my diet has been a huge game changer for my skin. Last summer I cut out gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. Though I allow some indulgences when I catch up with my bubble, I am pretty strict about this and I’ve noticed a huge difference. I also drink less caffeine and have lots of herbal teas and water throughout the day.

However I’ve also noticed a major improvement in the overall brightness of my skin after incorporating the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads and my morning Vitamin C products. Also, I found it’s all about consistency! I stopped adding in new products and have been sticking to this regime for the past year now.

My routine:

AM: Nudeskin Cleaner, Laneige Cream Skin, Ole Henriksen Vitamin C, Nudeskin Vitamin C moisturizer, Rhonda Allison 10 Essence Serum, Nivea Japan SPF 50.

PM: Tatcha Cleanser, Dr. Dennis Gross Peel pads, Laneige cream skin, CeraVe pm, Rhonda Allison 10 Essence Serum.

Punkin is a real life angel. When did you get her, what’s your favorite thing about her, tell us everything.

What a perfect angel. I adopted the little stink about 5 years ago now and we’ve been besties ever since. I think that you only understand this if you have a pet, but I live alone and having her around honestly makes me feel like I’ve always got someone there with me. Her stupid little grumpy face makes for lots of good laughs throughout the day. If you are thinking about getting a pet: 10/10 would recommend.

We love a good grump. So happy you found each other! What would the best day ever look like?

My initial thought is waking up early somewhere warm and sunny. Starting the day with some stretching and a little workout, followed by a long walk or leisurely hike in the sunshine with some music. Ideally, I would pass by and (hopefully) pet some cute dogs along the way. 2.5 hours at the spa complete with a full body + head massage. Then spending the evening outside with friends with good food and music in a cute outfit and a beautiful view.

That sounds like heaven on earth. Okay, what does self-love and self-care mean and look like to you?

I see self-care as routines and actions that you implement in your daily life in order to connect with yourself. For me this would be journaling, stretching, eating well, and rewarding myself with little indulgences for my hard work. Self-love is a bit more challenging. It is what motivates me to do the things I don't always want to do; to continue to nourish myself, move my body when I don’t feel like it, and follow through with my goals. It is the voice that keeps me accountable to myself, and I think our self-care and rituals really help us silence the extra noise in order to hear that voice.

Beautiful. The distinction between the two is important, but they definitely flow into each other. What’s a funny thing people might not know about you?

Hmmm… maybe that I am actually pretty nerdy? I used to play lots of video games and make websites for fun as a kid?

Yes, we stan a nerd queen. Last but certainly not least, which women do you admire or have learned the most from?

There have been so many amazing women who have shared their stories and knowledge with me. I am so amazed by everything that Puno has created with both her online and local LA community, her philanthropic work, and her generosity with sharing herself with creatives. She is someone who constantly blows me away with all that she has going on and I love that she represents a kind of female entrepreneur that doesn’t feel all cheesy and preachy.  

I also really admire Polly Rodruiguez of Unbound - she is so bold and unapologetically herself. She believes in change and has done so much with her company to move the sex tech industry forward through design and de-stigmatization. She took the time to talk with me when LD was just a thought and we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for her words of encouragement.

Ali Kreigsman has also been a big inspiration to me. She’s been through so many stages of the start up world with her company Bulletin. She has always been so uplifting and supportive of other female founders and is soon launching her first book, How To Build A Goddam Empire, which interviews female founders in all stages of their companies. An open book herself, Ali is a super inspirational leader. 

I also HAVE to shout out the team of women who I work with through LD. I am constantly blown away by the collective brainpower and creativity and I feel so lucky to be working towards our future with so many incredible women.

Aw, thanks! The feeling is mutual :)