Equity Equity


By Victoria Ashley

Equity Equity


What we talk about when we talk about equity goes beyond the cannabis industry. Equity public administration, education, race gender, religion, sexuality, and sustainable development. Social equity in cannabis is a philosophy. The context and nuances within its folds mean that flexibility and specificity must always be taken into consideration. It ensures that institutions and programs can level-up (thank you Ciara) resources so fairness in opportunity is potent. Going beyond the vernacular – beyond borders, gender, and class; social equity can lift people out of the corners of black market cannabis spaces and into local voter boxes, changing cannabis law. Equity lifts women, mothers and sisters incarcerated for the possession of weed out of chilling prison cells and into the morning sun with their youth. 

The Marijuana Business journal’s report of Women & Minorities in the Marijuana Industry, in 2017 just 26% of cannabis company owners and founders are women, with the black population making up less than five percent, and Indigenous peoples at dismally low numbers. These statistics are a direct call to action. To go beyond selling pipes but using our leverage to highlight and uplift issues and women and people in the margins. Self-identifying women, whole women, broken women, women incarcerated, women in rehab, women in roles of leadership, sex-positive women, disabled women, brown and black women, and every other womxn in between.

Clio, meaning to celebrate and make famous. She is the muse of history and herstory. Clio links us to our past, present and future. Channeling us back to the history of cannabis rooted in women collectives and our queer communities. We celebrate, uplift and ritualize through the ritual of cannabis.  

50% of the proceeds from each pipe will be donated to a cyclical selection of organizations geared towards galvanizing women, girls, our trans brothers and sisters, and social equity programs in cannabis and our communities. 

Want to help give back? Get your Clio Pipe now. 


Written by Mennlay Aggrey for Laundry Day