Clio Pipe Donation Update: Humble Bloom Equity Fund

by Laundry Day

We are excited to announce our Clio Pipe donation to the Humble Bloom Equity Fund which enables people to attend their unique experiences that would not normally be able to attend due to financial barriers.

With your support, we were able donate $502.40 USD to aid in the inclusion of 7 extra participants in a Field Trip across the country to  Aster Farms & The Lodge at Blue Lakes,  Lake Country, California !!


" With the smoldering hills of the Kincade Fire as the backdrop, 40 people identifying as queer, gender nonconforming, Black, White, Native, Asian and Latinx, who ranged in age from early 20s to late 40s let go to find a common language through the plant and unselfishly contributed their gifts. We opened ourselves to learning from each other. Knowing that through knowledge sharing communities grow and thrive.

Whether it was sustainable land stewardship and the power of terpenes, activism, equity and social justice, local and indigenous history, land theft, journaling, co-creating a floral mandala or shedding tears during a powerful breathwork session - everyone led with unobstructed hearts and malleable minds. " - Humble Bloom


Read more about the Humble Bloom Field Trip here.