Chill Intentions: Vision Casting for 2021

by Arcade Studios

2020 had some pretty cruel intentions at times. Moments that shall not be named lest we all have a collective panic attack. But also some pretty key things happened that shook us up in ways that were severely needed. Many in our communities become stronger, more resilient people, who prioritized justice, community, healing, and health. It wasn’t all toiling and turmoil: Y’all did a lot of hot girl shit, made a lot of dalgona coffees (remember whipped coffees?) and sourdough bread while Zooming your little hearts out.

So here’s your reminder that even if 2021 doesn’t change a thing, you changed a whole lot. And we’re all about the inner work over here, so we’re taking the time to intentionally shed light on that process of discovery we’ve all gone through that is setting the pace for a new year. 

In case you didn’t notice, it’s not January 1st. But the magic of intentions is you can set them at any time, whenever it feels right for you. And since January feels a little like an extension of 2020 anyway, we’re taking February to reset and focus on new chill intentions with a clear head and language that feels potent, powerful and present so you can be that celestial warrior of peace, a maestro of mindfulness, a human at ease within who feels ready for whatever the year brings.

Ready, Set, Intention

Ready? How do you like to prepare for this sort of inner process or conversation? 

Ideally, you might light a candle (bauble acts as the perfect timer for this activity), have a glass of water nearby, and put on mood music. You know, something that feels inspiring or uplifting. 

Start with a new journal or one that gives you good energy (sometimes old journals hold a nostalgic/negative energy that keeps us going backwards, so be mindful of that feeling when you’re choosing a journal to use)

Draw a big circle or blob. Write words, sentences, people, and places from 2020 that you’re leaving behind outside of the space, like this:

Set your timer again and write words, people, concepts, or goals from 2020 that you want to bring into this year inside the space, like this:

Meditate on those words, see if anything is missing, and make sure you feel that sense of completion. 2020 is done! 

Start a new page, and draw another big circle. On the outside, write down what you don’t want to see or bring into 2021. 

When you’re done, begin writing things you want to see for 2021. This is where you’ll set your intentions with potent words, concepts, people, or places. 

If it’s difficult to write things for the inside because you lack vision or hope, take a moment to think about the ideal life, ideal job, or ideal relationship. It doesn’t need to be a reality -- that’s what creating vision for the future is all about. Writing out and manifesting what you want to see that you don’t yet see is the magic of it all. And it allows us to stay focused on those intentions as we come back to the pages month after month. 


Nice. Time to celebrate. 

If you feel like it, burn that page that represents 2020. 

If you have a place in your home or your office, take that page for 2021 and hang it up so you can reflect on it often. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could make a mood or vision board with images that reflect your intentions. Refer back anytime you’re working on those other rituals and self-care practices for a mental reset and optimal chill vibes.