A Few Things to Know About Sex and Cannabis

A Few Things to Know About Sex and Cannabis

By Mennlay Aggrey Cannabis

Improves tactile sensations and general euphoria. Coupled with marijuana’s calming effects, this can allow you to relax and tap into a sensual high.


Image by Katie Burdon @katieburdon


Whether you’re having a self-love session, with toys, a partner, or all three — cannabis is an herbal way to enhance your experience. Weed naturally can relax us and being relaxed is good. Especially when it comes to sex.


What Science Tells Us

Marijuana is known to aid with chronic pain, mental health, and even symptoms of the terminally ill. But what many are just learning is that cannabis can also help with positive sex frequency. Stanford University held a study in 2017 that examined the relationship between cannabis and sex. The study, of 50,000 people between the ages of 25-45, found that “Frequent marijuana use is associated with increased positive [sex] frequency. This doesn’t necessarily say that if you smoke you’ll have more sex,” says Michael Eisenberg M.D., but according to his research study, “pot users are having about 20 percent more sex than pot abstainers.”


Dr. Mitch Earleywine, professor of psychology at the State University of New York explains that “CB1 receptors [a cannabinoid receptor located in every human’s nervous system] seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria.” Euphoria and tactile sensations — yes, please! Coupled with marijuana’s calming effects, this allows you to relax and tap into your body and your high. Lovely.


How to Use Cannabis with sex

Image by Katie Burdon @katieburdon

There are various ways one can use cannabis during sex. You can use marijuana topically on your skin: as a cannabis-based lube, body oil during a sensual massage, or in a soothing medicated bath. It’s a great method to nurture your skin while relaxing you. Edibles, however, are effective for an increased overall body high. Try low-dose chocolates, gummies, or food cooked with weed. And then there’s the OG (original) method of just smoking a joint, a blunt, or a nice hit from your favorite pipe.


Each method might affect you differently depending on how the cannabinoid enters your bloodstream. A topical will relax your actual muscles, targeting your skin. Edibles may give you a long-lasting body high. Smoking from a pipe or a joint could give you a sense of euphoria. What’s the most ideal way? Try a cannabis body oil massage followed by a couple of tokes from a pipe. Take it slow with little hits until you reach a gentle high to relax your mind, letting the topical cannabis relax your body.


Understand your experience

Image by Katie Burdon @katieburdon

Not all bodies — or brains for that matter — are the same. We respond differently to natural herbs, stimulants, and sex alike. Luckily there are serious shifts in the way that we examine cannabis scientifically, medically, and socially. With more scientific research and more personal experiences, we can accurately and safely analyze how this magic herb can help us to collectively thrive and heal.


Take note and take notes of what sex feels like for you when you’re blazed. Are you more nervous or blissfully relaxed? Does your body feel more sensitive to the touch or do you need a little more intensity? Figure it out and let us know your thoughts.