8 Vintage Chairs We Want to Smoke In

by Autumn Hachey

Hey internet people, I'm Autumn! I'm the founder and owner of Make Moves Vintage- a humble vintage shop based out of Toronto. When I'm not out treasure hunting you can often find me moonlighting as a social media manager for some pretty cool brands- (like Laundry Day!) Seeing that Laundry Day pipes fit so seamlessly into home decor, I'm excited to be chatting more about home and design related topics over here on the blog. Starting with... eight awesome vintage (and vintage inspired) chairs we would LOVE to smoke in. Because what's better than a little self-care in a cool ass chair? (Not much if you ask me!) I told my boyfriend just this past weekend that I want a shirt that says "I spend all my money on chairs." It's true. Admitting it is the first step ;). Without further ado, pack yourself a bowl and pretend you're reading this from one of these chairs. 

1: Ah, the classic Bibendum (above) designed by Eileen Gray in 1926. Yeah, chairs were that cool back in 1926. It's like a hug in a chair. via 

2: Definitely love me some warm 1970's tones. This Etcetera Lounge chair designed by Jan Ekselius is just what the doctor ordered. 

3: Scallop shaped things are near and dear to my heart. You might recognize this chair from Sketch London. While not vintage, this chair definitely has some art deco vibes. Designed by India Mahdavi for Ralph Pucci. We'll take two. via.

4: Again not technically vintage- but definitely inviting- the Esfera Club chair by the iconic Kelly Wearstler. Would smoke here. 

5: Possibly not the most comfortable of the eight chairs, but certainly a fun one- is this Miss Butterfly chair by Kazuo Shinohara circa 1985. 

6: You can't go wrong with a set of 1980's Milo Baughman Swivel chairs. Esp when they come in faux fur. 


7: Again, you'll learn that I have a bit of a shell-addiction. If it comes in shell shape, I want it. I would kill for one of these victorian shell chairs. The exact designer is tough to nail down but they are English from the 1850s. 

8: Last, but certainly not least...this might be the coziest chair I've ever seen. Give me all the Hortensia chairs. Designed by Andrés Reisinger.

Anybody else have a thing for chairs? Leave your fav vintage chair-de-resistance below.